Condenser is a heat exchanger equipment, which is used to take away the heat of high pressure refrigerant gas from compressor. In this way the refrigerant will turn from gas to liquid. And the pressure will keep the same as high pressure


Evaporator is another exchanger equipment, in which the refrigerant turns from liquid to gas. This process will cool the evaporator and make it possible of refrigeration, air conditioning & dehumidification. Evaporator temperature is about -26°C ~ -20°C for refrigeration and 5°C ~ 8°C for air conditioning.


  1. Due to quality copper tube and aluminum fin used, it achieves a high heat transfer coefficient. After treatment of oil removal, rust removal, phosphating, passivation, spray coating and dry-ing, the casing enjoys excellent corrosion-proof performance.
  2. Reasonable design of product structure and strengthening treatment of all supported end boards contribute to duration and simple installation.
  3. Automatic molding process ensures dry and clean interior of the copper tube. Close conjunc-tion of aluminum fin and copper tube achieves a good effect of heat transfer.
  4. Loop design prevents pressure loss as possible. Multi-loop cross-spread contributes to better heat dispersion effect.
  5. Famous branded fan at stable quality adopted endows excellent heat dispersion and low noi-se (V-shaped condenser).
  6. Having passed 2.6mpa air tightness test, the coil satisfies the requirements for tightness.
  7. Full range of product specifications satisfies heat dispersion requirements from compressors with various powers.
  8. Customized service (specific material, space) is available. The product is widely used in refrigeration unit, cold storage unit and industrial refrigeration unit.

ECN Series condenser without shell

ECF series condenser with shell & 1 fan type

ECF series condenser with shell & 2 fan type

ECF series condenser with shell & 4 fan type