General specification

The inverter driver is specially designed for air conditioning DC/AC inverter compressors, which is integrated with Rectifier Bridge, Power on/off, Charging Circuit, DSP chip control circuit, IPM module, communication circuit, capacitor board & EMC filtering board. Users only need to connect power source & send control signal to change compressor’s frequency.

Inverter driver Models

Model#Power sourceMax Input powerMax Current
HWD1W-1CPh1 220-240V 50/60Hz3.0 KW19 Amps
HMD1W-3APh1 220-240V 50/60Hz4.4 KW19 Amps
HMD1W-2BPh1 220-240V 50/60Hz6.5 KW29 Amps
HMD4W-3BPh3 380-420V 50/60Hz10 KW16 Amps
HMD4W-3APh3 380-420V 50/60Hz20 KW29 Amps

Components of the inverter driver

Typically the inverter driver has three components, All of the parts ensure the function of changing compressor frequency. Components are as follows:

Inverter driver board

Change compressor frequency

Capacitor & Filtering board

Filtering for power interference
Protect the circuit
Storage for the DC power


Reduce the harmonic impact on the power source

About the testing

The debugger

The debugger is used to control the inverter board to change compressor speed when there is not a main controller board ready, it gets feedback data from the inverter such as setting frequency, compressor current, input current & voltage. The inverter board can be controlled by PLC, main controller board or debugger. Debugger is very convenient during testing.

The following is a Youtube video link to show the connection & testing of the debugger with inverter drivers: