L series miniature compressors is one of our main compressor series. They are variable speed refrigeration compressors & designed for connection to 12/24/48V DC power supplies  with primary use with refrigerant R134a.

The compressor is quiet and has low energy consumption. It operates in conditions where battery, vehicle, grid, or solar power is available as a direct current electrical source. The compressor provides compact power, precision control, and unique flexibility. It fulfills a growing need for miniature thermal management systems.

The compressor can be used in air conditioning units, water chillers, and commercial refrigeration systems. Because of its unusual weight and size, it can be applied in mobile or portable systems using either battery or vehicle power. And due to its low energy consumption, it’s very suitable for small stationary applications, such as in the cooling of electronic components.


Model List
Model#Disp.(cm3/rev)Capacity(W)Input PowerPower source
Top Rotary SpeedWeight(kg)
RL27D12F2.711580DC 1229001.3
RL27D24F2.711580DC 2429001.3
RL27D24C2.7550168DC 2448001.3
RL27D48C2.7550230DC 4865001.3
RL20D12F2.07065DC 1229001.0
RL20D24F2.07065DC 2430001.0
RL20D24C2.0450140DC 2445001.0
RL20D48C2.0450140DC 4845001.0
RL18D24T1.8450147DC 2465000.85
RL18D48T1.8450147DC 4865000.85

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